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About YMCA of the Rockies

    • YMCA of the Rockies mountain cabins are nestled among 860 acres of ponderosa pines with spectacular mountain vistas. They are fully furnished with well-equipped kitchens, linens, and towels.

      Passion Over Perfection Retreat will be held in one of the YMCA's 6-bedroom retreat cabins. This cabin comes with a living room, gas fireplace, Wi-Fi, and a full kitchen. Rooms are multiple occupancies with bunk beds. 

    • Breakfast will be served in the retreat cabin. Most lunches and dinners will be served at Aspen Dining Hall.

What Is Your Inner Goddess

    • Each one of us is a reflection of the divine. Though you may not always feel like it, or even realize it, there is a divinity in you. Connecting with the inner goddess in your soul is simply understanding, and recognizing that divinity.


    • Your inner goddess is always there, though occasionally she might not express herself or might be forgotten about. Life’s many distractions can keep her suppressed, so take time as often as possible to evoke and honor her. 

Goddess Celebration

    • QUEEN! It's time to shine. We have curated this trip with you in mind. During our Goddess Celebration, we will have a professional photoshoot by Noelle Williams Photography.

    • Come dressed to the celebration representing your inner Goddess.

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