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Unmasking Your Inner Critic
Do you find yourself sabotaging your chances of success, limiting your growth, and feeling guilty about your achievements?

Now is your time to take actionable steps toward eliminating self-doubt and tap into your strengths.

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"Your book was awesome! This book is about imposter syndrome, how one is affected when experiencing it, ways to navigate it, and how to build a sustainable plan of action when it comes up. The book is straightforward, has excellent journal questions to work with, and is easy to understand and put into practice.


I enjoyed reading and wanted more, but also super happy at the quick read. I 100% want to use it for supervision with my staff and coworkers, as well as my mentees."

~Mayra Aviña

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My Own Worst Enemy


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Aptly describing this book as a “success toolkit,” Jackson-Clockston’s thought-provoking questions allow you to dive deep into the systems and structures currently framing your life while providing immediately applicable guidance for working through your own imposter syndrome and insecurities. Make sure you have a journal and pen at the ready because this book is going to make you THINK!

Alissa M. Trumbull

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