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Retreat Design

~Business and Freelancers~

Don't just host an event, create an experience. I meet you where you are in the retreat planning process and we work together to create an unforgettable experience that transforms.

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Retreats & Andvenues

Retreat Types

Whether for business or pleasure retreats are an excellent way to reconnect, build community, and reaffirm your culture. Retreat planning includes a variety of services from full retreat development and implementation to travel & hospitality arrangements to consulting. 

Client Retreats

Groups Retreats are a great option for freelance consultants and businesses of all sizes alike. There is no better way to build deep loyalty to your brand than spending quality time in person with your clients. Not only will your client walk away with learning something from YOU but they will also have FUN creating memorable experiences. Did I mention retreats also make for a great additional revenue stream.

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Organization Team Building

Companies that have engaged employees outperform those that don't by 202%. (Source: Forbes) This very statistic shows how imperative it is for employers to focus on employee engagement to build retention and productivity. 

Team building retreats show that your business has a people-first approach. This leaves employees feeling empowered and ready to stand by your brand. 

Planning Session

Unlike a regular business meeting, planning session, or workshop a business retreat is designed to work on high-level strategy leaving time for creative problem-solving a.k.a. 'white space'. Business retreats often leave time for participants to relax on their own and do group activities together. This allows participants to actually have time to experience the destination.

The best part is that because of my unique experience and background I am able to facilitate and lead board strategy sessions and customized workshops.

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Client Spotlight

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