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Leadership Cohort:
Motivate and Inspire

Transform the way your team authentically engages, inspires, and ignites your stakeholders with our leadership development cohort experience.


Cohort Overview

Cultivate a community of leaders within your organization through a unique coaching experience rooted in inclusion. Elevate how your team authentically shows up and motivates others professionally. Your team will have the opportunity to reenergize themselves and sharpen their skills in cultivating a healthy (winning) workplace culture. 

The Leadership Cohort is led by Nadia Ali and Sydney Jackson-Clockston. Our expert facilitators have a combined 30 years of coaching and consulting experience in topics of leadership development, well-being, entrepreneurship, and DEI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility).


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Who is this for:

Both non-profit and for-profit businesses and organizations looking for engaging team development.

What Are You Investing In?:

Three (3) sessions led by two (2) expert coaches

Sessions range between 1-2 Hours 

Connection and Resource Building

Powerful and Engaging Thought Leadership Discussions

Light Course Work To Deepen Understanding Of Topics

Topics Covered:

Trust Building 

Emotional Intelligence

Power and Privilege

Exploring Our Identities

Inclusive Communication
Your Custom Topic Here

Benefits of the Cohort

Embark on a transformative journey through three dynamic sessions, where you'll unlock your innate motivational leadership superpower. Discover proven techniques to foster trust within diverse teams and clients. Immerse yourself in a supportive community where you can openly share work challenges and receive constructive advice and feedback from fellow professionals.


This cohort prioritizes a high Return On Investment (ROI) while considering your budget and time constraints. Recognizing these demands, our Leadership Cohort is designed to align with your schedule and financial considerations. Statistics affirm that continuous leadership development and upskilling lead to a healthier bottom line. In fact, motivated and engaged employees have been shown to boost sales by an impressive 18%.

Rabbit Hole - dig deeper into the stats:

(Each Cohort is Private, and We Keep Feedback Anonymous)

"Great content and engagement of group members; this is definitely worth the time and money!"

"Thank you for modeling inclusive leadership and providing a safe place to share our thoughts. I feel very blessed to be a part of this group."

"I do a lot of change management work. I believe integrating some of this content could make the change work more effective with more people. For instance, integrating respect, dignity and empathy into change efforts.

This has also helped boost my confidence in my knowledge of DEI as some of the content I am familiar with. But, it's stretching me to new levels of understanding, as well. This experience is also validating my interest in doing more DEI work. I am more energized and excited at the end of each and every session. This work matters!"

Sydney Jackson-Clockston

 Sydney Jackson-Clockston is a 2022 Good Business Colorado Award known from her impactful Leadership Development Coaching style and ability to create custom trainings and workshops for various organizations.

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Nadia Ali

Nadia has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of settings with people from various educational, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. 

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